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Next generation

We nurture a unique community of heirs and family business successors, providing vital opportunities to meet, learn and grow. 

Our clients’ heirs and family business successors are increasingly driving progress in the world around us.

They are doing so via their careers, their investments, their philanthropy and their advocacy.

As they take on more responsibilities – or prepare to do so – we seek to empower them on their journey.

Our Next Generation programs provide vital connections, knowledge and opportunities.

They bring together participants from across the globe, allowing them to form personal and professional ties with their peers.

We host these exclusive programs in partnership with world-class institutions such as Cambridge University and Singularity University.

The programs provide unique learning experiences to prepare participants for challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world, helping them to lead and succeed in their chosen paths.


We aim to increase participants’ knowledge and awareness of key developments in areas such as disruptive technologies, emotional intelligence, leadership, as well as family governance and legacy, finance and wealth management.

These programs helps to guide and inspire heirs on their journey to become champions of progress, whatever their career or calling.



Wealth is to be used to cement family values and ties, build a lasting family legacy, and contribute to nation and society. Families who understand this are able to prolong their legacies for generations.

Money K.
Global Head of Next Generation; Global Client Service - Asia Pacific

How we serve you

Enhancing knowledge
The Next Generation Program strives to create learning and developmental opportunities for participants.

With input from our own and external thought leaders, we aim to deliver insights that participants will be able to apply in their businesses and other activities.

Next Generation events are invaluable opportunities for participants to network with other scions of leading families.

Our Empowering Leaders Programme is held in partnership with Cambridge University. It helps participants poised to take on new leadership roles in their family business to hone their leadership skills and prepare for challenges.

Our Frontiers Conference is held in partnership with Singularity University.

This program exposes participants to the extraordinary opportunities that innovation offers and to the risks that disruption poses to the status quo.

Each seminar is typically attended by about forty to fifty heirs of some twenty different nationalities.

Promoting intergenerational planning
Our approach also involves bringing generations together to discuss succession issues.

We hold an annual program – Business Families Summit – where two or three generations of each family explore succession planning, wealth transfer, family governance and legacy building.

Following private discussions with experienced specialists, participants identify the existing and new strategies that will support their strong performance in this new future.

They come away with a plan of action customized for their family.

To survive and thrive in today’s era of disruptive innovation, family enterprises must build on their strengths and be prepared to do things differently.

This involves identifying strategies that are suitable in today’s rapidly changing environment and the best practices of other wealthy families.

The Private Bank has a long-standing partnership with Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise, which runs our Families Business Summit.


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