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Custody services

We safeguard assets and provide comprehensive portfolio administration for sophisticated investors seeking to consolidate accounts and simplify recordkeeping.

The safekeeping and administration of your investments are essential – but often overlooked – elements of protecting and growing wealth over time.

In addition to holding your marketable securities and cash securely, a robust custodian performs various other vital functions.

These include settling your transactions efficiently, execution on foreign exchange, collecting dividends, interest and other income, serving as your proxy for shareholder votes, and providing transparency into your wealth.

With $23.7 trillion in assets under custody and administration1 and a global custody network spanning more than a hundred markets worldwide, Citi is one of the largest custodians in the world.

As a client of the Private Bank, you benefit from access to Citi’s institutional capabilities, delivered with personalized service from your dedicated team.


Our extensive resources, local expertise, and global coverage enable us to assist you with the requirements of increasingly multijurisdictional investments.

Our custody services aim to give you not only peace of mind, but also comprehensive and consolidated insights into your holdings at any given time.

As a global custodian, we offer clients centralized portfolio administration, consolidated reporting, dedicated client service and the safety benefits of holding assets in bank custody.

Murtuza Rasiwala
Head of Banking, Custody, Escrow and MSBF - Americas

How we serve you

Comprehensive services
Our custody specialists work closely with you and your advisors to provide tailored solutions for your needs.

We can provide securities processing and trade settlement, while allowing you to work with your preferred third-party portfolio managers and brokers for trade execution and advice.

To help simplify administration, we offer liquidity management, asset pricing and valuation, notification of corporate actions, gift processing, income collection, remittances and transition plan support.

Safety of assets
In our custody, your assets are fully segregated from the assets of Citi.

You remain the beneficial owner of your assets and do not become a creditor of the bank.

Your securities will never be lent out (“hypothecated”).

In the unlikely event of Citi suffering financial distress, your assets would be allocated to you as the beneficial owner.

Insight into your wealth
We can hold your assets in custody with Citi, as well as all your assets from other relationships worldwide.

We can provide a transparent, consolidated view of your global holdings, convenient online access to account information through our digital banking platform, and comprehensive portfolio analysis and advice.

This not only simplifies your portfolio administration, but provides you real-time insights into your wealth.

Equipped with more information, you can make clearer and better decisions, acting on opportunities and mitigating risks.

Your questions

There are important differences between the two solutions, especially in relation to asset safety, cost, client service and data.

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The safety of your assets can be impacted by the type of custody relationship under which they are held.

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It’s essential to assess your reporting requirements when evaluating what a custodian can offer.

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A custodian with the right resources, expertise, and coverage to help with multijurisdictional investments is crucial.

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Meet our people

Murtuza Rasiwala

Head of Banking, Custody, Escrow & MSBF
“Our dedicated team is experienced in structuring bespoke strategies to provide clients liquidity using their financial assets as collateral”

Murtuza leads a team of banking, custody, escrow and margin and securities backed lending professionals, who work with clients in North America and Latin America to address their financing, liquidity, safeguarding, portfolio administration, and risk mitigation needs.

Murtuza has over 15 years of private banking and margin lending experience. Previously, he was the Global Head of Margin and Securities Backed Lending at Citi Private Bank. Earlier in his career, he was a member of the Private Bank Investment Finance team for nine years, based in Asia. 

Murtuza holds an MBA in finance and the Chartered Financial Analyst and Financial Risk Manager designations.



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See our custodian insights and the issues that matter for your wealth.

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