Aircraft finance

We combine extensive aviation industry experience with private banking service to help you identify, acquire, and finance an executive aircraft.

As time spent traveling increases itineraries become more complex.

An executive aircraft can provide you with the freedom to travel at your discretion while reducing your waiting time in airports and enabling more efficient journeys to remote destinations.

As well as improving your productivity and flexibility, it can enhance your privacy and security.

Citi Private Bank offers tailored financing strategies, whether you’re looking to finance your first aircraft purchase, upgrade your aircraft, or free up your existing aircraft’s equity for other purposes.

Our team of specialists are both aviation professionals and financing experts.

We work with you to evaluate your travel needs, advise on aircraft options, and simplify the acquisition process.

How we serve you

Customized terms
We offer a range of loan terms and structures, including a variety of maturities at competitive rates.

We customize your loan based on your personal and/or your company’s specific needs.

In certain jurisdictions, we are also able to offer finance lease arrangements.

Extensive connections
We have an extensive network of leading aviation industry professionals.

We can connect you to aircraft brokers, acquisition consultants, aviation attorneys specializing in aircraft financing, as well as management and/or maintenance companies.

In partnership with our network, we can help you consider key issues in the transaction process.

Industry intelligence
Our specialists have direct experience working in the aviation industry, as well as in private banking.

They monitor current aviation market trends and provide regular reports on demand, pricing, and new models.

They are always available for personalized consultations to discuss market developments and potential opportunities.

Meet our people

Global Head

Ford von Weise

Global Head of Aircraft Finance
We don’t believe in ”one size fits all” when it comes to executive aircraft loans for our clients. We customize loan structures and terms to accommodate the unique needs of wealthy buyers.

Ford has more than 25 years of aviation experience, flying both privately and in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, and in the US Air Force Auxiliary’s Civil Air Patrol. He also has 30 years of banking and finance experience.

A licensed pilot with more than 2,500 hours of total time, Ford has flown a variety of different turbine and piston aircraft. Previously, he was Vice President of Business Aviation Finance for Merrill Lynch Capital and GMAC Commercial Finance. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Capital Transactions at Lend Lease Real Estate Investments.


See our aircraft insights and the issues that matter for your wealth.

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See our aircraft insights and the issues that matter for your wealth.

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