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The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is an EU regulation that applies from 10 March 2021. SFDR requires fiduciaries, such as portfolio managers and investment and insurance advisers, to publish on their website disclosures in respect of the following:
  • the integration of sustainability risks in their investment decision-making process and in their investment and insurance advice;
  • how their remuneration policies are consistent with the integration of sustainability risks; and
  • the principal adverse impacts of their investment decisions and their investment and insurance advice on sustainability factors.
Additionally, portfolio managers are required to publish certain product level disclosures when their financial products either:
  • promote environmental or social characteristics (an Article 8 financial product under SFDR); or
  • have sustainable investment as their objective (an Article 9 financial product under SFDR).
All the disclosures which apply to Citibank Europe Plc as either portfolio manager or investment or insurance adviser (as applicable) may be accessed in the links below.

Citibank Europe Plc - Portfolio Management
Citibank Europe Plc - Investment and Insurance Advice
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