Staying Vigilant to Cybercriminals


How to protect yourself and your business.

We are currently living through an unprecedented global event, with countries across the world taking measures to control the spread of COVID-19. As people adjust to changes in their routines, fraudsters are using the pandemic as an opportunity to exploit anxious populations. There have been increasing reports of new COVID-19 themed email scams being used to target individuals and businesses. Examples of the malicious emails include:

  • Safety advice and tips for preventing the spread of the virus
  • Tax adjustments and/or refunds to help struggling businesses
  • Donation pages for charities, victims and vaccines
  • Advertisements for health products, such as face masks and hand sanitizer
  • Requests to send supplier payments to new bank accounts

It is during times like these that criminals venture to exploit individuals’ vulnerabilities and may pose as people or organizations you trust. This could include posing as Citi, Citi Private Bank, or even law enforcement officials attempting to contact you regarding your bank account.

Please remain alert and always follow these important rules:

  • Check the source and content of emails carefully before clicking links or opening attachments.
  • Never share personal, financial or login data in emails, SMS messages, or other messaging app communications, including via links from those sources.
  • Only log into your account by going directly to our website or Citi Private Bank In View, never via links.

Next steps

Always contact your Private Banker immediately to verify any Citi Private Bank email or other message you find suspicious. Thank you for staying vigilant in these uncertain times and please let us know if you require further advice.

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