CGMI and CPA Regulation Best Interest Information

We are required to deliver two important disclosure documents about our business and relationship with you: 
  • Form CRS is a brief summary of the brokerage and investment advisory services we offer.
  • Regulation Best Interest Disclosure Statement is a more detailed description of the brokerage services we offer and our obligations under Regulation Best Interest when we make recommendations to you as your broker-dealer.

Please review the Form CRS and Regulation Best Interest Disclosure Statement which you can view and print by clicking on the links below. If you prefer paper copies, please contact your Private Banker or call us at (210) 677-3781 or (800) 870-1073 (toll-free in the U.S).

Form CRS
Citigroup Global Markets Inc., CGMI

Citi Private Bank Advisory, CPA

Regulation Best Interest Disclosure Statement

Citi Private Bank CGMI and CPA

Important information about our relationship with you 

If you opened a CGMI account prior to March 31, 2020, you were sent this important notice in your March Statement. The notice includes amendments to your client agreement regarding our electronic delivery to you of certain disclosure documents and other important information about your account. Please note that the U.S. Postal Service recently announced COVID-19 related service disruptions for certain international mail originating from the United States. Accordingly, if your mailing address is currently outside the United States, you may have experienced delays with receiving this notice.